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I studied fine art at university but I fell in love with weaving later in life when I inherited my grandmother-in-law’s loom.  Weaving creates functional items that while beautiful can be touched as well as admired.  Weaving is friendly and invites you to experience the beauty with your fingers as well as your eyes.  I love to play with color and discover the emotions that they evoke as the colors work together to create a visual experience.  The medium of yarn allows me to add texture to create another layer of interest.  Design is added to the color and texture to create art that can be experienced on many levels as well as creating a functional item that can be used and enjoyed every day.  

If I were to be able to live two life times I would still not be able to explore all the options that the loom offers me but I enjoy trying new weaves and pushing myself to search for new ways to express myself through the loom.  Inspiration comes to me in many ways.  Sometimes I dream a color scheme or design, sometimes just shutting my eyes allows me to see my next project.  It can be a piece of yarn or a view from my portal that inspires me to create.  Living by the side of a canyon in northern New Mexico I am surrounded by mountains and forests that change constantly and inspire me to create beautiful items that I can share with others.

Melodie Usher

Canyonside Arts

About Melodie

Melodie Usher has been working toward becoming a weaver her entire life.  As a young child Melodie learned to play the organ and perfected the ability to make two hands and two feet all operate at the same time while each completes a different task.  She did not know at the time but this would be a valuable skill required for weaving.  Having been drawn to the art’s since a young girl Melodie started taking professionally taught fine art lessons when she was in junior high school.  After graduating from high school having taken every art class offered she enrolled at Indiana University with the goal of majoring in art with a concentration in silversmithing.  After several changes in majors and universities Melodie’s last major was Interior Design at Purdue University.  For several years Melodie ran her own Interior Designer business in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and her Clermont County Home Show House won the People’s Choice Award.

Life changed completely for Melodie when she inherited her Grandmother-In-Law’s loom, a four shaft Bexell Cranbrook loom that was built in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s.  The loom came completely dissembled with no instructions or pictures.  Since this event occurred before the internet, it took several years to put together the pieces and to get the first warp correctly onto the loom.  Once the first warp was on Melodie found her true passion in life.  The loom allowed Melodie to use her love of color and design as well as her love of textiles.  Since inheriting the first loom Melodie has acquired four other looms.  In September of 2010 Melodie received her Certificate of Excellence in Weaving, Level I from the Handweaver’s Guild of America.

Melodie’s home and studio overlooks the Chama River Canyon in a remote area of northern New Mexico surrounded by mountains and National Forests.  The breathtaking views of the landscape during the day and the starry skies and Milky Way at night are a constant source of inspiration.  Melodie also volunteers time to hike the mountains to find and record petroglyphs.