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“I would take any class taught by Melodie”

“It was a great class”       "Excellent class"

“[Melodie] is excellent.  Extremely knowledgeable and also patient and kind.”

“Melodie is very knowledgeable and very generous in her sharing of her knowledge”

“Melodie did a great job.  Explanations are clear, printed handout was exceptional.”

7.25.15  Intermountain Weavers Conference

10.16.14  Rio Grand Sun Arts

"...The trio or triptych of weavings by Melodie Usher titled "Navajo Red and Black: Variations 1, 2 and 3."  This trio is like the visual equivalent of a chamber music group providing an audience with Twelve Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman," by Mozart.  Usher's introduces us to some subtle compositional pieces and then, a crescendo, if you will, in the second variation, only to be brought back down to the mesmerizing interplay of components in the third piece in the trio.
Usher's use of just black and red as a palette is also exquisitely minimalistic.  You are not bombarded with myriad colors but seduced by just two."
HAND WOVEN MAGAZINE - May / June 2014   Page 26 - 27 
'Trapeze Artist:  A Warping Technique for the Designing Weaver '

Paul  Beck writing in the Rio Grande Sun newspaper 12.08.11

"Melodie Usher's “Repsmatta Rug” is so elegantly crafted that I found myself rooted in place as I gazed at it. A recurring diamond-like and cross motif fill the whole area, and her colors are vibrant but not over the top and garish.

It's the kind of weaving that is deceptive because it appears simple, but when you have inspected it for some time you realize just how complex and complicated a piece it really is.
A palette of reds, yellows and black make it, again, seem simpler than it really is, and it's the apparent, deceptive simplicity which makes this such a strong and compelling piece."

Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving Level I
Handweaver's Guild of America

Melodie received the Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving Level I award from the Handweaver's Guild of America in the fall of 2010.   Every two years applicants may submit 40 woven samples and 20 written reports for judging.  You can learn more about the award from the Handweaver's Guild of American website.  


Three of the Forty Certificate of Excellence Samples

Sample #36 Double Weave Tube
Sample #14 Weft Twining
Sample #24 Summer and Winter