MELODIE USHER     Artist     Weaver

How to Put a Perfect Warp on Your Loom

The following description is for the two day workshop.  The Hands On Demonstration will be a one day class where each participant will be able to try each step but will not do the entire warping process.

A 36 page book with pictures and descriptions of all the steps will be available for optional purchase.  Shoe lace packages will also be available for optional purchase.

The only materials required for the demonstration are something to write with and something to write on.  Cameras are welcome.

A demonstration of each step of the warping process will be given before each participant  puts a warp on their loom . The warping process will start with winding the warp and finish with the beginning of the weaving,   Each participant will be provided a package of shoe laces and a hand out that describes the warping process.  A warp supporter will be provided for use in class.

The warp will be put on the loom and the weaving will be started in class, but the weaving will be completed after the class.

MATERIALS FEE:  None.  Book  may be purchased for $20.


-I will provide drafts that require three colors of yarn that blend well.  We will be using 5/2 Perle Cotton or Bamboo 7.

-Your loom
-Note taking supplies
-A camera if you want to take photos
-Yarn for your warp and weft
-Lease sticks
-12 sticks for packing the warp on the warp beam.  Sticks can be cut from screen bead purchased at the lumber yard.  Sticks must be wider than the warp and narrower than the beams.  For table looms basswood sticks purchased at hobby stores should be used.
-12 sticks for packing the warp on the cloth beam
-paper for packing the warp (this is in addition to the sticks)
-Normal weaving supplies including measuring tape, scissors and reed hook.
-A cone stand, coffee cans or other containers to hold your yarn while winding the warp
-A short stool to sit on while threading
-Portable lighting to help you see while threading is helpful
-A portable warping mill if you have one