MELODIE USHER     Artist     Weaver

Atwater-Bronson Lace  

The process of designing and weaving Atwater-Bronson Lace will be explained in short power point presentations.  After each segment of learning students will weave a variety of samples on their own pre-warped looms.  In the two day workshop students will have more time to try varations of Atwater-Bronson Lace or to start on a weaving project.

This workshop may be combined with the Finger Manipulated Lace Workshop!



Drafts will be provided for 4 or 6 shafts. 

You need to arrive at the workshop with a prepared loom.  I suggest  using size 10 crochet cotton or 5/2 perle cotton.  Light colors work better than dark colors.  I suggest white or off white.

You will need a 3 yard warp on the loom (assumes 27" loom waste).  For the two day workshop I suggest a 4 yard warp.   If you are using a floor loom and are a very fast weaver you may want to add some warp length.   If you want extra warp for playing or creating also add more length to the warp.

Normal weaving supplies including scissors

Note taking materials

Pencil and eraser

2 pick up sticks – any pointed stick wider than your warp (I suggest size 10 or so knitting needles)

2 shuttles with several bobbins

Yarn for weft that matches warp

Bring all or some of the following to try as wefts.  Hopefully we can trade with others!  This is the time to use all those left-over pieces of yarn that you have in your stash!

Yarn for the weft this is the same size yarn, but a different color than the warp (one different and one similar in color would be great).

Yarn for the weft that is larger than the warp yarn (you might want to bring a selection - you don't need much of any one yarn, if you can match the warp in a larger size that would be great).

Yarn that is the same color, and / or similar to the warp but smaller.


Projector for Power Point Lectures

Bobbin Winder(s)

Black board, white board or easel with paper